Martha Stewart

Фото из журнала Lilacs – Quart. Jour. 42(2) [2013]

Фото Татьяны Поляковой

Fenicchia, 1995

‘Martha Stewart’, S. vulgaris
Fenicchia; S II/III
{‘Rochester’ × ? }
Vrugtman, HortScience 31(3):327 [1996]; Roach, Martha Stewart Living, 92, 93 ill. [May 1996]; K. Millham, Lilacs – Quart. Jour. 42(2):61 & ill. 69 [2013]; Photo on Jorgovani/Lilacs 2015 DVD.
Named for Martha Helen Stewart (née Kostyra), born 1941; American business magnate, television host, author, and magazine publisher.
cultivar name registered 1995; name established and accepted.

Международный регистр названий культиваров рода Syringa L.

The following two lilac cultivar names have been registered November 20, 1995, by Robert E. Hoepfl, Highland Botanical Park, 171 Reservoir Avenue, Rochester, New York 14620, USA. The selections resulted from hybridization performed by Richard A. Fenicchia at Highland Botanical Park.
Plants of these cultivars have been distributed for trials, but have not yet been introduced in the nursery trade. Standard portfolios at Royal Botanical Gardens Herbarium, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Syringa vulgaris L. ‘Martha Stewart’. Seedparent: ‘Rochester’. Seedling first flowered in 1978. Shrub to 3 m (10 feet); suckering freely. Thyrses of semi-open structure, to 25 cm (10 inches) long and 15 cm (6 inches) across; quite fragrant. Florets large, single, with radial doubling apparent, 2.5 cm (1 inch) in diameter; purple in bud [75A, RHS Colour Chart], opening to violet-blue [91B]; corolla lobes 1.1 cm (½ inch) long.

Lilac Registration 1995. Freek Vrugtman, Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

‘Martha Stewart’, single blue, Rochester x ?,1995
Has beautiful sky-blue florets, and is a slow-grpwing shrub that remains fairly small. Named after the tv personality, who came to visit Highland Park in 2007 and visited her namesake lilac. This displays darker and lighter shades of blue on petals.

Kent Millham,  Lilacs – Quart. Jour. 42(2) [2013]

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