Margaret Fenicchia

Фото из журнала Lilacs Volume 42 Number 2 Spring 2013

Фото Татьяны Поляковой

Fenicchia, 1997

‘Margaret Fenicchia’, S. vulgaris
Fenicchia 1997; S VII/II
{‘Rochester’ × ? }
syn. – RAF No. 1825
Vrugtman, HortScience 33(4):588-589 [1998]; in litt., Hoepfl to Vrugtman [Nov.29/2003] – Fiala, Lilacs, Pl. 78, lilac No. 1825 [1988]; K. Millham, Lilacs – Quart.Jour. 42(2):61 & ill. 69 [2013]; Photo on Jorgovani/Lilacs 2015 DVD.
cultivar name registered 1997; name established and accepted.

Международный регистр названий культиваров рода Syringa L.

Syringa vulgaris L. ‘Margaret Fenicchia’. Open-pollinated seedling of ‘Rochester’, 1970. Seedling flowered first in 1976. Shrub to 2.5 m; suckering lightly. Thyrses very large, tight, to 24 cm long and 22 cm across. Florets single, with some radial doubling, to 3 cm in diameter, corolla tube 1.2 cm long. Flower buds red-purple (70A, RHS Colour Chart), opening to purple- violet (80D). Flowers very fragrant.

Lilac Registration 1998. Freek Vrugtman, Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

‘Margaret Fenicchia’, single magenta . Rochester x ?, 1997
This cultivar has very large individual florets that are somewhat cup-shaped. He named it after his beloved wife Margaret. In the first edition of l.ilacs: The Genus Syringa. Father John Fiala considers this one of Dicks finest lilacs. At the time of the books printing, it was unnamed. It is referred to in Plate 78 as #1825, the location number of it in the Highland Botanical Park arboretum, and the photo shows the deep rich color.

 Lilacs – Quart.Jour. 42(2):61 [2013]

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