Blanche Sweet

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Blanche Sweet
Blanche Sweet

Fiala, 1988

‘Blanche Sweet’, S. ×hyacinthiflora
Fiala 1988; S III
{(‘Rochester’ × S. oblata subsp. dilatata) × ‘Rochester’}
Vrugtman, HortScience 24(3):435 [1989]; Knight Hollow Nursery, 1996 Cultured cutting and liner descriptive list; Photo on Jorgovani/Lilacs 2015 DVD.
Named for Sarah Blanche Sweet (also known as Daphne Wayne), [1895-1986, American silent film actress and film historian.
cultivar name registered 1988; name established and accepted.

Международный регистр названий культиваров рода Syringa L.

Syringa x hyacinthiflora (Lemoine) Rehder ‘Blanche Sweet’, Fiala 1988. Registered 16 Dec. 1988. Raised from seed collected from S. x h. R.D. 1976 ( = S. v. ‘Rochester’ x S. oblata var. dilatata) (pollen parent: S. v. ‘Rochester’) and selected in 1981 by John L. Fiala. Introduced commercially in 1988 by Ameri-Hort Research, Inc., P.O. Box 1529, Medina, Ohio 44258, USA. Florets single; bud color (Horticutural Colour Chart 1939/41 R.H.S.): Ethyl Blue 548/1 to 548/2; open floret color: Sky Grey 549/3 with tints of 548/3. Corolla lobes large and recurved. Flowers appearing in mid-season, fragrant. Foliage a good green, disease resistant. Plants of moderate vigor and height, to 2.5 m. Known to be hardy to -29C (-20F); Arnold Arboretum Hardiness Zone 3. U.S. Plant Patent pending.

Lilac Registration 1988. Freek Vrugtman, Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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